Speech Bubbles 03/20

Natani Notah

Speech Bubbles 03/20

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Monotype, Series of 20 
Screen printing ink and acrylic paint 
Strathmore 400 Series Printmaking Paper 280 gsm 
11” X 14”

When looking at old comic books and graphic novels, I noticed that the speech bubbles were almost always white. It got me to thinking about the construction of narratives over time and who has historically had the dominant voice in shaping our society’s values and politics.

For hundreds of years, People of Color (POC) have had to fight for the right to exist and have their voices heard. Now living in a digital age, I can see the power of our collective voices, votes, and calls to action and how they are making a positive impact for future generations. As we continue to advocate for those equal rights within our respective communities, I see this print edition serving as a visual representation, amplification, and marking of that important change. In many ways, art and media are undeniable forces in the necessary movement towards racial justice. They are so effective because they have the ability to influence how we see ourselves and our community. In turn, I hope this project resonates with many people and encourages critical thinking, which is paramount for solving issues such as systemic racism in our country.

- Natani Notah

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