Postmodernism means many things to many people. In general, it rejects grand narratives, ideologies, and the idea of “Art with a capital A.” Postmodern art promotes subjectivity over universality.

Progressive Artists' Group

The Progressive Artists’ Group helped establish India’s artistic identity after independence and partition. They borrowed from European modern art movements like Cubism and Expressionism but they reimagined the place of European art in a postcolonial society.

Mexican Muralism

Mexican muralism was a movement in mural painting. As such, it was inherently public. Mexican muralism began in 1920 with the end of the Mexican Revolution and it promoted national unity across social and economic lines. The movement promoted knowledge of Mexico’s Indigenous history and served as inspiration for the Chicano art movement in the United States.

Outsider Art

Outsider Art is a tricky term. It refers to self-taught artists without formal training who operate beyond the bounds of the institutional art world. It is also called Folk Art and Vernacular Art.

New Realism

The French art critic, Pierre Restany advocated a "poetic recycling of urban, industrial and advertising reality.” Restany partnered with the French painter, Yves Klein to create a new group of artists called the New Realists.